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Jubba Boots


The Denim Gang! No longer use your jeans? Give them a new life with these Jubba boots made by INGUZ.

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INGUZ authentically uses their superpowers to bring to life what has been set aside and no longer is used. Each Jubba pair is made from textile waste in order to extend the life of something that already exists. Thus, no pair is the same and the differences between pairs translate their life story.

Made in Portugal.

Incredibly unique.

We know that Earth’s resources are not inexhaustible. Some studies claim that each person buys more than 60% more garments than they did two decades ago, and each garment is on average worn just ten times before being discarded. In Portugal, 230.000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year. With this waste in mind, INUGZ project is to recycle jeans that are no longer used and transform them into these amazing boots. This project works by donation, they are still at the beginning, but have already reused 115 pairs of unused jeans.





Note: For your Jubba boots, order one size down if you have a skinny foot. [Ex: if your size is 39, the size to order will be 38.]

Weight 0.5 kg

36, 37, 38, 39


100% denim {unworn jeans}


100% cotton twill


recycled rubber with waste