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Sto António with the baby Jesus on piggyback


Sto António through the eyes of Mané Pupo, the person behind Rosa Malva. The monk shown as a human to protect each house.


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Santo António, patron saint of Portugal, was born in Lisbon between 1191 and 1195 and died in the Italian city of Padua on June 13, 1231. Also known as Santo António de Padua, he was an eloquent speaker. Delicious Franciscan legends and many miracles are linked to this Franciscan and he is the protector of the newlyweds, the poor, the people who want to find lost objects and many others. The poem “O Passeio de Santo António” by the Portuguese poet Augusto Gil (1873-1929) served as an inspiration to the artist whose father recited it to her as a child. Knowing this saint is so close to the heart of the Portuguese, the author intends, with this piece, to return humanity to this “good monk”, representing him in more everyday scenes in which we all recognize ourselves. This is a piece made from an original mold by the artist Mané Pupo and reproduced by hand using traditional techniques of ceramic work.


Measurements: Height 17,5cm and width 6,5cm

Dimensions 6.5 × 16.5 cm



Ceramics, straw with poem attached with double-faced satin