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Michone Viana Boots


Woman flat boots in blue burel and handmade Minho weaving by Marita Moreno.

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Handmade Line
Marita Moreno’s Handmade Line is produced with handmade components. This product has items made in burel – a 100% wool cloth produced by a company of family origin, located in Manteigas, Serra da Estrela and with handmade Minho weaving.
Burel’s authenticity results from a sequence of specific operations in the manufacturing process. The wool, after being shorn, washed, spun, woven into the organ and woven into the loom, is trodden on a machine called a stomp, which knocks and scalds the wool, transforming the fabric into burel, making it tighter, more resistant and waterproof.
The handmade Minho weaving is a single 2.2m cloth with 0.70m width used in the production of a traditional round skirt from Minho folklore. Instead of a skirt, we use this textile heritage of our culture in our Michone. With traditional Minho motifs and colors, Michone Viana are unique and part of a very special edition that involves tradition, culture and great Portuguese pride. A limited edition of 10 pairs.
Both materials were made by certifieds UPA’s in Portugal.

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Burel and weaving


Antitranspirant microfiber


PU sponge


Natural rubber


Blue Burel


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